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Is Wesley Snipes Returning as Blade?

Wesley Snipes, who just recently reflected on the impact of the Blade franchise, may be returning to the role. If you believe an item in the New York Daily News, that is.

According to the newspaper’s celebrity gossip column, “sources close to Snipes” say the 52-year-old actor has struck a deal to once again play Marvel’s daywalker, for which he’d make $3 million plus a cut of profits.

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For many years, Black superheroes have been dismissed as sidekicks, imitators of established white heroes, or are accused of having no role outside of blaxploitation film contexts. Yet the importance of a Storm, Luke Cage, Black Panther, or Jon Stewart as Green Lantern or Miles Morales as Spiderman cannot be understated. Their entry into comic books also served as entry to the hearts and imaginations of black children, confirming that they too can be superheroes and could one day save the world.

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